ToastMasters:Invocation - 1st

2017/01/06 IBM Dalian TMC Regular Meeting


Hi everyone,
  I am Jet,Today I will share the reason that why I entered IBM TMC,It’s the second time for me to speaking English as a guest!today I prepared the speech,last time my poor performance on the stage,maybe I felt too nervous at one point,I tend to be lost,not knowing what to do or how to do what I am doing.I am working for IGA Japan Project and my major working language is Japanese now.Being lack of communication in English,I really want to improve my spoken English,Luckily,Brad introduced me this club,Then I came here,with some tension and fear, but more courage,I am no longer worried about making mistakes.
  Hope we can communicate with each other and make progress together.Thank you very much!




  • 值得肯定的点:第一次上台,心态不错,准备充分
  • 需要改善的点:即兴,肢体语言的运用,表情