ToastMasters:Project 1 - The Ice Breaker

2017/03/04 Dalian No.1 TMC Regular English Meeting


  Before today’s speech, I have a question to ask all. two months have been gone in this year, are you ready to start your New Year’s resolutions? It seems that lots of people started new year’s resolutions. OK, different people have different answers.
  For my point of view. I am convinced that New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunities for those who have failed to start making changes that they said they would make next week, next month, or perhaps when winter is coming. so we should work out resolutions so that you begin to change ourselves now, Next I will share my new year’s resolutions to all.
  As we all know, keeping health is very important for everyone, I will keep the current exercise program insistently in order to achieving my goal, Last year I have kept running almost 10KM every day and it is extremely painful that really helped me lose weight and keep healthy. If I have the chance, I will share the experience about how to lose weight to audience, to give reference and confidence. I hope to keep current figure and build up muscles in this year. It is a huge challenge for me, so in the following days I will put fitness as a regular part of my life.
  In learning respect, I will read more books and running my blog. I seldom reading books during my university. But since I started working, I enjoy reading more and more. It is an excellent way to gain knowledge from all kinds of topics and a great exercise for my brain. But I have difficulties in memorizing what I read by only reading it. So I take notes when reading a book, discuss and exchange the ideas with my friends, then I will write the feelings about the books and post it to my blog. I have a personal interest to build up my own blog website. I bought an independent domain and a cloud server, to record meaningful stories in my life and technology articles. In the past year, updating my blog has become one of my habits in my daily life which brings many benefits to me. The most vital advantage is to communicate and help with other bloggers. Weibo and twitter can’t instead of it. Especially social network, English is extremely important for all. I really want to improve my speech skills and English spoken level. Personally, huge challenge can also be an inspiration.
  In a word, it looks like difficult to achieve these goals, maybe disappointed and even thought to give up when we do it. we should overcome our laziness and procrastination. the ancient said: preparedness ensures success, and unpreparedness spells failure. proved the importance of plan, so according to the resolutions to achieve goal is necessary, human always constantly struggle and improve ourselves in the whole life. Some people always complain that they are not lucky enough to meet good things or good people. However, I don’t think it’s because of luckiness but because of you. Therefore, try your best to become better, no matter in work, life or a relationship.




  • 值得肯定的点:稿子背得熟,不拘谨,得到会员们的一致肯定
  • 需要改善的点:英语发音以及语法措辞问题